Our Goal is to assist our client attain an effective and efficient operation by delivering quality service of high technical value


In the era of political and economic reform, Indonesia has to promote efficient rapid expansion of it's various industrial sectors.

PT. Medco E&P Indonesia, the leading private Indonesian oil and gas company, is motivated to participate in this needed expansion The 30% per year growth of oil and gas production in PT. Medco E&P Indonesia, in the last 5 years was achieved among others through a successful well planned outsourcing program.

In 1997, PT. Medco E&P Indonesia (was PT. Exspan Nusantara) established an affiliate company. PT. Exspan Petrogas Intranusa with the purpose of providing first quality and competitive services. The targeted customer is the Medco Group of Companies and if proven reliable, other oil and gas companies.

PT. Exspan Petrogas lntranusa provide PT. Medco E&P Indonesia the following services:

(1) Services - Wire Line Logging, Well Workover and Services;

(2) Leases - Drilling Equipments and Production Facilities;

(3) Supply - Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) and Chemicals:

(4) Consultancy - Provide Expertise / Professional Exploration. Engineering, and Production in oil and gas operation and maintenance, Human Resources Training and Development, Assets and Executive Protection Program plus other Services.

With the above services, PT. Exspan Petrogas Intranusa contributes to the achievement of PT. Medco E&P Indonesia on becoming among the lowest cost oil and gas producer in Indonesia.

Our expanding network of affiliation with prominent international partners assures the application of the state-of-the-art-technology.

Possessing more than sever years of experience serving Medco Group of Companies, together with highly qualified manpower, the. company is now ready to serve other oil and gas sector with its services.







PT Exspan Petrogas Intranusa is committed to following vision, mission and values:


To be the "Preferred service Company".


To provide managerial, technical, professional and other services to industry which contribute to the clients operational and organizational effectiveness and efficiency


Integrity, Ethics, Customer Orientation, Shareholder and Employee Satisfaction, Social and Environment Responsibility.















The success of PT.Exspan Petrogas Intranusa is under the hand of its professionals and is a well-organized company as depicted below:

PT. Exspan Petrogas Intranusa Affiliation and Strategic partners

To assure the application of state-of-art-technology, PT. Exspan Petrogas Intranusa is expanding its networking relationship with prominent international strategic affiliations and partners. Currently, our affiliations and strategic partners are:

- EPI and Medco Drilling own and operate 14 drilling Workover Rigs

- EPI and Probe Technology Inc. US based Wirelfine Logging System and Tool Company







PT Exspan Petrogas Intranusa provides wireline a services for formation evaluation and well completion services. Data acquisition and evaluation for the Open-Hole/Cased-Hole Combo service units are using an advanced computerize digital logging system.

Facility & Equipment Leases

In order to meet the needs of our clients, PT Exspan Petrogas Intranusa maintains same facilities and leases modern aid advanced equipments, including facilities maintenance.

Office and training facilities are located at the new Bidakara Office Building Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav. 71-73, Jakarta

Field offices are located at Kaji, Tarakan, Sanga-sanga

Heavy Equipment

. Link Belts
. Excavators .
. Dozers
. Winch Trucks

Drilling and Work Over Rigs:

Rig EPI 35  Rig EPI 12

Material, Tools & Chemical Supplies

In order to increase the growth of indonesia industries, PT Exspan Petrogas Intranusa also providing various materials tools and chemical supplies

Drilling Equipment                                        Production Equipment
Drilll Pipe                                                     - Wellhead & Christmas Trees
Drill Bits                                                       - Pump,
wireline                                                        - Scanning Equipment
Tubing Accessories                                  -Completion Equipment
Casing Accessories                                 - Separators;
Cementing Equipment                             - Dehydrators
Rig Spare Pans                                         - Etc.


To achieve our emission. PT.Exspan Petrogas Intranusa provides the solutions for managerial, technical and operating problems through consultancy and man power supply, training,and development.

Man power Supply Services

Manpower supply provides by PT Exspan Petrogas intionusa is only qualified technical and operational expertises in the field of

Engineering Studies In Oil and Gas Production

Technical Support Projects

Operation and instrument.

Managerial Consulting and Training

To develop Managerial ability, PT Exspan Petrogas Intranusa Provides managerial consulting and training for

Management Restructuring
Organization Development
Company Policy Development
Compensation Management
Industrial Relations

Technical Consulting

For technical problems, PT.Exspan Petrogas Intranusa is also providing technical consulting for :

Facilities Design
Project Management Services
Quality Management installation
Preparation of technical Manuals and Procedures

Other Training and Development
To solve other problems, PT Exspann Petrogas Intranusa has different training and development programs for.
Supervisory Management Program,

Technical Programs
Engineering programs
Support Function Programs

Integral Technology System
Due to the needs of our clients and to give more services, PT.Exspan Petrogas Intranusa is developing an Information Technology System Program which is available on the market soon.




Track Record

No Company Description
1994 PT. Exspan Kalimantan Started by providing cased-hole logging and perforating services
1995 PT Exspan Sumatera Initiated cased-hole services
1996 PT Exspan Kalimantan Included open hole logging services
1998 PT Exspan Sumatera Expanded operations With 2 more combination Open hole -cased hole unit in sumatera
1998 PT Exspan Sumatera

Provided all open-hole well logging and completion services for development of the giant Exspan's oil and gas fields in Kaji and Semoga, South Sumatera, where over 100 Wells have been drilled.

1998 PT Exspan Sumatera

provided Exspan with earth moving and construction equipments, stationary generator compressors, pumps, lifting equipments including vehicles rental services to support its operations.

1999 Exspan and PT. Medco Energi Internasional Tbk

Supplied  with professionals i.e. engineers, geologists, geophysicists and experienced support plants.

1999 PT Exspan Sumatera OH & CH Wireline Logging Service in Pendopo & Lirik Block
2000 PT.Exspan Sumatera OH & CH Wireline Logging Service in Rimau, Pendopo, Lirik, Sanga-sanga & Tarakan Blocks
2001 PT.Babat-Kukui in South Sumatera. Conducted perforating job 
2002 PT.Exspan Sumatera OH & CH Wireline Logging Service in Rimau, SSE, Lirik, Sanga-sanga & Tarakan Blocks
2003 PT.Exspan Sumatera OH & CH Wireline Logging Service in Rimau, SSE, Lirik, Sanga-sanga & Tarakan Blocks
2003 JOB Pertamina-HEDI OH & CH Wireline Logging Service in Abab, Raja and Dewa Fields
2004 PT.Medco E&P Indonesia OH & CH Wireline Logging Service in  Sanga-sanga & Tarakan Blocks
2004 JOB Pertamina-HEDI OH & CH Wireline Logging Service in Abab, Raja and Dewa Fields
2004 TAC PT.Sembrani Persada Oil Perforation Services in Semberah Field
2005 PT.Medco E&P Indonesia OH & CH Wireline Logging & Data Processing Service in Rimau, SSE & Lirik Blocks
2006 PT.Medco E&P Indonesia OH & CH Wireline Logging & Data Processing Service in Rimau, SSE & Lirik Blocks









1. PT.Sistem Vibro Indonesia

2. PT.Satria Raksa Bumi Nusa




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